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the UK's leading Scala consultancy

Untyped is a founding partner of Underscore - a team of Scala experts providing consultancy, training, and software development services to businesses of all sizes.

We run regular public and on-site training courses in Scala, Play, and agile development. See our web site for details and bookings.

The Urban River Survey is a scientific assessment technique that supports the work of river managers in urban environments. Untyped developed the web-based geographical information system that stores and manages URS data.

The site is used by groups such as the Environment Agency, Natural England, and local rivers trusts to evaluate stretches of river that are candidates for restoration. Web services export URS data as layers for use in other GIS systems such as iGIGL.

eGAP: Transferable Skills for Lifelong Learning

eGAP is a pioneering e-Learning application that helps undergraduate students develop transferable skills for employment and lifelong learning. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with mobile devices and e-Learning platforms such as Moodle and Mahara.

eGAP is currently in use in taught programmes at Queen Mary, University of London and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

An eGAP Activity

Clearing Support for UK Universities

Predictions graph

We developed admissions software to help academic departments track applications during Clearing.

During Clearing Universities must quickly attract applicants to fill government-assigned quotas while retaining the highest possible grade averages. Our software makes this possible by providing real-time predictions and enabling year-on-year analysis and re-use of admissions data.

Other Projects

Other past projects for which we have provided development, design, content or consultancy:

Open Source Software

We are huge believers in open standards and open source. We use open source libraries in every application we create, and we have a philosophy of contributing open source code back to the community wherever we can.

Here are some of the notable libraries we have released. Interested developers can browse much of our open source collection on our Github page.


Plugins for SBT - Javascript, Coffeescript, and Less CSS compilation for Scala web applications. Incorporate external Javascript and CSS frameworks straight from version control. Inject template parameters determined by SBT at compile time.

Tipi: Tiny Templating Engine - Mustache-like templating language incorporating expressive concepts from functional programming including as closures, first class templates, and lexical scoping.

Reading, Writing and REST - Simple, developer-friendly, type-safe way of bi-directionally mapping between URLs and function calls in Scala web applications.


Rackunit - Unit testing framework, now incorporated into the core Racket distribution as their canonical testing library.

Snooze - Object Relational Mapping library including support for arbitrary data types, connection pooling, and a complete attack-proof reflection of SQL as a Racket domain specific language.

Mirrors - Domain specific languages for programatically creating and composing fragments of HTML, XML, and Javascript.